We are dedicated to providing the safest, most efficient & reliable way to travel.







Dan Naor – Chief Operating Officer


Yuval Hadaya – Director of Operations, Helicopter


David Bezos – Chief Pilot, Helicopter


Jessie Bowling – Director of Sales and Marketing


Marcelo Barsanti - Lead Phenom 300 Captain


“It is our goal to give you the safest, most efficient, reliable and comfortable way to travel from the East Coast and beyond. We are focused on building lasting relationships with clients from excellence

in customer service to highly experienced flight crews. By owning our aircraft, we offer competitive pricing matched with personalized service.

When your time is of the most importance, GrandView Aviation is your ultimate resource.”


Dan Naor, Chief Operating Officer

24 Hour Sales: 800-609-8159

2736 Lighthouse Point East, Baltimore, MD 21224


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